[Nonsense] Just back!

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Finally, after 1 year, I am back! It’s been a while not updating my own blog due to so many reasons. I did try to write down some words but always forgot to finish it. In addition to this, there are also some problems in the blog system itself so that I can’t even publish the post or update plugins.

Few days ago, I made a decision to migrate all my self-hosted blog to WordPress.com and pay for it. It’s nice to leave all weird problems behind to someone else and focus on writing contents. I am sure from now on, I’ll start to write more words down and share to the world 🙂

Although it’s kinda late, but I still need to say, goodbye 2016 and welcome, 2017 !

[Nonsense] Speed up this blog !

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After few years, I finally moved this blog to another server based on Linode (Thanks @bu). After testing for a while, it seems that the connection speed got 2x ~ 4x faster than it was ! I think this would make the reading experience better (Not sure whether there are people still reading my blog or not, whatever XD)

BTW, I am working on an undergoing project which comes from my previous opensource project – Atraci with some hackers few months ago. This is the next-generation (I guess) streaming player that would support multi-platforms like YouTube, Vimeo … etc. Because there are still some missing parts that need to be finished first, I will keep updating its recent news here when I have time. To be honest, only when you have a chance to start over a new stuff can make you learn more and grow, so if you guys got a break, try to find something new to give it a try and I am sure you would definitely get a lot from it ! (Not money for sure xD)

See you guys next time 🙂

[Nonsense] First Love in Japan

宇多田ヒカル – First Love

不知道是不是因為漫畫大多都是日漫,所以不知不覺中有種受到日式文化感召的影響,開始聽起了日本歌,也想多了解這個國家、文化、甚至是人民。因為有在聽 KKBOX,所以就想聽聽看最近熱門的日語排行榜,裡面第二名的就是當時(199X)年超紅的 First Love,旋律整個就是相當懷念!

不知道是不是出於無聊,就想來查查看這個專輯(歌)的過去。一看 Wikipedia 才知道這個專輯在當時的音樂界是多麼的出名。

《First Love》是日本女歌手宇多田光出道專輯,於1999年3月10日發行。據Oricon公信榜統計,專輯發售當年在日本國內銷量突破765萬張,並持續停留在排行榜上達85星期之久。RIAJ對本專輯之正式認證為八百萬專輯(相當於32白金)[1],為日本Oricon公信榜史上銷量最高記錄。本作於台灣賣出超過50萬張,是台灣史上銷量最高東洋專輯[2],並為香港史上銷量最高東洋專輯。

《First Love》同時也是全亞洲銷量最高的專輯,全球銷量總計約一千萬張。

宇多田光一出道即在銷量方面登上Oricon公信榜四十年來歷史頂點,而那年的她只有16歲。《First love》空前的成功,往後常被日本樂壇稱為「宇多田ヒカル神話」。

2014年3月10日,由EMI唱片公司發行限量15000套的《First Love -15周年特別紀念版-》,除了歌曲重新經過音質處理,並收錄1999年於東京Zepp Tokyo舉辦的LUV LIVE演唱會DVD。

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[Nonsense] What’s going on recently ?

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It’s been a while not writing any article on my blog recently. For me, there are too many things happened within these two months no matter on life, works … etc. There are some good parts and also bad parts but I don’t want to talk too much on the later ones.

So, let me talk more about what good parts happened here recently.


life sucks.


Same as usual, there are too many things waiting to do / review in Mozilla. After last Friday, we just passed the due of 2.1 (but this doesn’t mean we have no 2.1+ blockers any more xD) and it’s like a “gap" now that we can refactor our old spaghetti  codes to make them clean and better.

For example :

  1. Removed some legacy code that would do the same thing in different scripts.
  2. Introduced an appsManager module in Settings app to make sure we won’t overload Settings app to keep access installed apps from API.
  3. Wrote lots of unit tests.
  4. Implementing Settings Dialog feature that we can easily use a function call to show/hide customized dialog with fancy animations.
  5. … etc

In addition to codes, I had to review partner’s codes back & forth and this reallllllly takes time … There is a huge communication gap between each others about due and how to implement features. No matter how, I think this part can get improved in later days.

And there is one more good news – We (All Mozilla employees) are going to Portland from 1st Dec ~ 6th Dec this year ! Can’t wait to go there to meet some new friends and also pass by LA to find my best friend !

Side Works

For side works,  I have focused mainly on Node.js (express 3 framework) and iOS development. I want to make an online service focusing on solving problems for backpackers when traveling and my friends and I are actively collect data for these stuffs (like hostels, food, drinks … etc).

In order to achieve this, I have to learn how to write with Swift for iOS app. I did write an app before (with obj-c) but it’s totally different from Swift in syntax and some concepts behind. But as a front-end developer, Swift looks more nature and easy to me but the only bad part for Swift is that you can’t find too many answers to specific problems because It is too young xD. But whatever, I like it so bad !

And for Node.js part, as a full-stack (I thought I was front-end) developer, you have to focus both on backend / front-end (including database, IT … blah). I am not really good at db / IT stuffs but I think this is such a good time for me to learn.(I did try some setup before but not so much) So, to conquer these, I did swipe my card on Linode to rent a machine and register one domain name for that service. By doing so, you can think this behavior of a resolution and you can’t go back ! (Because this would cost you money monthly XD)

I like the feeling to be pushed to the edge of cliff and this would force me to learn something new 🙂

Other plans

  1. I am planing to Thailand (Bangkok maybe ?) next year with friends.
  2. Have to keep reading books no matter what type it is ! (Just created a new page called my-bookshelf to track them :))
  3. Try to make Hax4 back so that this team can really work as a normal group !
  4. Keep learning something new.

[Nonsense] Recent life

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最近消失了好一陣子,每次都很想寫點什麼但是卻又因為有點忙拖稿 XD,這種行為真的是不可取,所以決定在這個下著大雨的夜裡把最近發生的一些事情寫下來。


在五月的時候又受邀回到學校去幫學弟妹上課,雖然主要是要去介紹 Firefox OS ,但是後半場最後都會變成個人的經歷分享,個人覺得還蠻有趣的。說實在的,總覺得技術這種東西留給其他高手來講就好,小魯弟我總是覺得不知道要講什麼才會讓別人有值回票價的感覺,講太簡單感覺好像把別人當傻子,講太難又怕自己認知不夠到位,真的是很難拿捏呀…所以還是覺得把自己發生過的事情拿來分享比較有說服力,也覺得能夠幫上學弟妹些什麼吧?問心無愧也就夠了。


不過不得不說一件事情,那就是從我在讀成大到現在,成大計中對於校外人士真的是很不友善,一直都沒有提供可供校外人士使用的 Wifi 熱點,連回去演講的講師都沒有得用,最後還是借用在計中打工的同學的帳號密碼才能登入…偉哉成大計中,以我以前個人的經驗應該是可以去計中一樓申請個人帳戶的,那為什麼不會特別開一個供校外人士使用的帳密或是直接多架設一台 AP 呢?如果學校有錢把成大博物館前面的整個空地整修,還把成大人回憶的噴水池拆了,那分一些錢投資在計中請專業人員來架設這些基礎建設又會差多少錢呢?

想想也覺得很可悲,上次也有反應過但是過了半年再回到計中卻什麼都沒有改變。我想以這種公務人員心態做事,大概到人類滅亡都沒有錢多架一台 AP 吧。



還記得當兵的時候有發起一個五十本書的計畫,一年的兵役過去,雖然沒有真的達成這個目標,但是也看了二十幾本書,感覺還可以。現在出社會後,真心的覺得自我充實的時間太少,日為平常在工作時總是不停地處於被榨乾的狀態。所以最近開始回想起當初當兵時的這個計畫,目標還是一樣在年底結束之前可以看完五十本不限種類的書,如果在看完書之後特別有一些想法的話,會再寫成書評放到 Blog 上來(像前幾篇一樣)。






[Nonsense] Change from now on

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[Nonsense] the Pressure and Growth theorem



而我發現在這些壓力下,人真的可以成長很快,我以前從來沒想過要去看別人寫的Source Code,特別是那些沒什麼註解、文件的程式碼。也是因為這樣才能夠把專題的一些服務加入許多原本沒有的機制,減少等待時間以提升使用者在使用時的體驗(請參閱知名的「0.1秒、1秒、10秒理論」),甚至是如何團隊分工(這一點我要坦呈我真的很欠缺也沒做多好,我還是自己寫了大約90%的程式碼而且和團員發生過許多大大小小的爭執)。


This is what I called — the Pressure and Growth theorem .