[WTH] Spaghetti codes

Image Credit : Startup , Spaghetti

I have been worked in a startup team called InsureMe for few weeks. My responsibility is to handle the front-end part well. Due to some reasons, I became from a programmer to a manager. Well, to be honest, I am still a programmer indeed because there is only one programmer – me in the front-end team.

It’s my first time to handle the whole front-end including Javascript / HTML / CSS. Because I have never met a senior F2E before, all skills about front-end are accumulated by searching articles, asking Google or Stack Overflow , reading books written by the professionals … etc.

I am glad that I had once worked as a F2E in the previous company and learned some designing from the codes left by a famous F2E who I have never seen before. At that time, I had spent almost all my working days to extract the codes and try to understand the wonderland. By the way, that’s my first time to handle one jQuery plugin with thousands of codes in one script. Though I had figured out almost 90 % of his codes, I still can’t truly understand his thoughts about designing.

Now , when I am working on the javascript files, though I can make the script full-functional , I can’t make it very flexible. That’s why I take my codes as Spaghetti codes filled with some bugs which taste sucks.

I always believe that practice makes perfect. Well, I must believe. Writing spaghetti codes is the necessary way to be excellent.

Keep going , cheeeeeeeeeeeers.