About Myself


Hi, I am Chia-Lung Chen (a.k.a. EragonJ on the internet) with CS major and is a programmer living in Taipei, Taiwan. I have worked for a while in Node.js / JavaScript and some front-end fields.

Except being a hacker on the weekday, I am also a backpacker likes to travel around the world and experience the beauty of different places.

If you want to find me, you can contact with me with the following social channels :

Life – Say hi to this world

  1. TwoBackSurfers – This is a facebook page established by me and two friends aims to writing down the interesting parts when traveling around the world.  Please feel free to follow us if you are also an enthusiastic traveller.
  2. My 500px – As I have mentioned above, I like to travel and would take some pictures and I will put some attractive ones here.

Tech – Stay in the blue nowhere

  1. My Twitter – I will put some random words here more about technology, work and some random thoughts.
  2. My Github – As a hacker, you must have one account in Github ! Follow my latest works here.
  3. My Blog – Yes, it’s here. This blog mostly focus on the technology, so if you are a hacker or psycho like me, please add the feed in your favorite list.
  4. My Japanese Blog – Haha I am learning Japanese and I’ll put all learning notes on this special blog 🙂
  5. My LinkedIn – You can know more details about what I have done before about my career life here.
  6. My Email ( eragonj [At] eragonj.me ) – drop me an message if you want ! I will email you back for sure.
  7. My Talks – You can find all my talks here in SpeakerDeck.

I think that’s all ! I am happy to meet some new friends no matter you are a hacker, traveler, photographer or anyone. Just contact with me by above social channels and I will message back as soon as possible ! Rocks.



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