[Nonsense] Speed up this blog !

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After few years, I finally moved this blog to another server based on Linode (Thanks @bu). After testing for a while, it seems that the connection speed got 2x ~ 4x faster than it was ! I think this would make the reading experience better (Not sure whether there are people still reading my blog or not, whatever XD)

BTW, I am working on an undergoing project which comes from my previous opensource project – Atraci with some hackers few months ago. This is the next-generation (I guess) streaming player that would support multi-platforms like YouTube, Vimeo … etc. Because there are still some missing parts that need to be finished first, I will keep updating its recent news here when I have time. To be honest, only when you have a chance to start over a new stuff can make you learn more and grow, so if you guys got a break, try to find something new to give it a try and I am sure you would definitely get a lot from it ! (Not money for sure xD)

See you guys next time 🙂



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