[Nonsense] What’s going on recently ?

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It’s been a while not writing any article on my blog recently. For me, there are too many things happened within these two months no matter on life, works … etc. There are some good parts and also bad parts but I don’t want to talk too much on the later ones.

So, let me talk more about what good parts happened here recently.


life sucks.


Same as usual, there are too many things waiting to do / review in Mozilla. After last Friday, we just passed the due of 2.1 (but this doesn’t mean we have no 2.1+ blockers any more xD) and it’s like a “gap” now that we can refactor our old spaghetti  codes to make them clean and better.

For example :

  1. Removed some legacy code that would do the same thing in different scripts.
  2. Introduced an appsManager module in Settings app to make sure we won’t overload Settings app to keep access installed apps from API.
  3. Wrote lots of unit tests.
  4. Implementing Settings Dialog feature that we can easily use a function call to show/hide customized dialog with fancy animations.
  5. … etc

In addition to codes, I had to review partner’s codes back & forth and this reallllllly takes time … There is a huge communication gap between each others about due and how to implement features. No matter how, I think this part can get improved in later days.

And there is one more good news – We (All Mozilla employees) are going to Portland from 1st Dec ~ 6th Dec this year ! Can’t wait to go there to meet some new friends and also pass by LA to find my best friend !

Side Works

For side works,  I have focused mainly on Node.js (express 3 framework) and iOS development. I want to make an online service focusing on solving problems for backpackers when traveling and my friends and I are actively collect data for these stuffs (like hostels, food, drinks … etc).

In order to achieve this, I have to learn how to write with Swift for iOS app. I did write an app before (with obj-c) but it’s totally different from Swift in syntax and some concepts behind. But as a front-end developer, Swift looks more nature and easy to me but the only bad part for Swift is that you can’t find too many answers to specific problems because It is too young xD. But whatever, I like it so bad !

And for Node.js part, as a full-stack (I thought I was front-end) developer, you have to focus both on backend / front-end (including database, IT … blah). I am not really good at db / IT stuffs but I think this is such a good time for me to learn.(I did try some setup before but not so much) So, to conquer these, I did swipe my card on Linode to rent a machine and register one domain name for that service. By doing so, you can think this behavior of a resolution and you can’t go back ! (Because this would cost you money monthly XD)

I like the feeling to be pushed to the edge of cliff and this would force me to learn something new 🙂

Other plans

  1. I am planing to Thailand (Bangkok maybe ?) next year with friends.
  2. Have to keep reading books no matter what type it is ! (Just created a new page called my-bookshelf to track them :))
  3. Try to make Hax4 back so that this team can really work as a normal group !
  4. Keep learning something new.

[Nonsense] Change from now on

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[WTH] Spaghetti codes

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I have been worked in a startup team called InsureMe for few weeks. My responsibility is to handle the front-end part well. Due to some reasons, I became from a programmer to a manager. Well, to be honest, I am still a programmer indeed because there is only one programmer – me in the front-end team.

It’s my first time to handle the whole front-end including Javascript / HTML / CSS. Because I have never met a senior F2E before, all skills about front-end are accumulated by searching articles, asking Google or Stack Overflow , reading books written by the professionals … etc.

I am glad that I had once worked as a F2E in the previous company and learned some designing from the codes left by a famous F2E who I have never seen before. At that time, I had spent almost all my working days to extract the codes and try to understand the wonderland. By the way, that’s my first time to handle one jQuery plugin with thousands of codes in one script. Though I had figured out almost 90 % of his codes, I still can’t truly understand his thoughts about designing.

Now , when I am working on the javascript files, though I can make the script full-functional , I can’t make it very flexible. That’s why I take my codes as Spaghetti codes filled with some bugs which taste sucks.

I always believe that practice makes perfect. Well, I must believe. Writing spaghetti codes is the necessary way to be excellent.

Keep going , cheeeeeeeeeeeers.