[Design] Weekly Challenge – Flame Flag

Yeah, today is weekend ! It means I can put more time and efforts on stuffs I like. After coming back from the swimming pool, it’s kinda a good time to practice designing something. After doing a quick grep form dribbble, I noticed two interesting works :


Fort York

The first work is a fire composed with word fire while the second one is waving flag. These two works like may not be so related at the first glimpse, but I think that would be interesting to combine both of them into one specific work. Based on this concept, I made another design called Flame Flag.


In this work, I learn how to use ruler to measure the length and degree of specific line, get more familiar with some hotkeys and do a sketch before drawing on Illustator. Although the image looks simple and without too much details, I still spend more than 2 hours on making some baselines, measuring details and some other stuffs.

I think I can finally understand a little bit of designer’s lives. The devil is definitely in the details. That’s it and hope you guys like this ! Any feedback or responses is appreciated 🙂