About This Blog



  1. (主要)技術實作與記錄(無論是工作時遇到的問題或是自己閒暇時的玩具開發)
  2. 經個人翻譯過的國外(科技)新聞並附上評論
  3. 各式影評、書評

如果你覺得還不錯,就請你推薦這個 bLoG 給你的朋友們吧 😉

Blog Topics

Because got influenced by different friends, I have stated to get involved in many interesting topics. But for this blog, I would focus mostly on following topics :

  1. (Primary topic) Implementations and memo for my toys or any technical problems I faced at work.
  2. Translated tech news with personal comments
  3. Book reviews & movie reviews

If you think this blog is nice and worth to share, please tell your friends about it without hesitations 😉


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