[Javascript] Some good/bad parts learned from Chrome Extension

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Just update my FBBK from version 1.0 to 1.2.1 and think there are some nice features/designs to be noted about Chrome extension.

  1. chrome.storage API

    When using manifest 1, we have to set up a background page  as middleware to communicate between content scripts and localStorage ( used to store users’ selected options ) because the localStorage used in content scripts will be referred to the page localStorage instead of extension localStorage.In this way, developers have to make build up a fake background page to transfer data. But this problem has been solved by chrome.storage API. With this API, we can easily set/get data for content scripts without the help of background page.Better than that, this API can also synchronize data from local to the cloud to solve problems when users using different computers. The most awesome part is that the API would automatically fallback to store data in local if the internet connection breaks !
  2. chrome.i18n API

    It is really important to i18n your extensions/apps if you want to reach the global market ( users ). For FBBK 1.2.0+, I just implemented two locales ( en / zh ). I really like the design that Chrome can automatically detect the right locale to be used  and even falls back to default locale.This API is really smart enough for basic projects but can’t meet more complicated needs. Take FBBK for example, There are many models with i18n needs ( to describe models’ usage, intro … blah ). Because Chrome doesn’t support a good way for me to get the current locale ( can use predefined variable like @@ui_locale in CSS but not in JS  ) , I have to proxy the models descriptions to  use chrome.i18n.getMessage() to get the right locale and match the right message.json ( see the above figure ).

    This is how I do in FBBK :


    If you have better ideas to extract models with i18n json, plz comment to let me know !

That’s it ! Have fun on developing chrome extension 😉

[Javascript] Facebook Blocker (FBBK) Still Rocks On

Check : FBBK 的主介紹頁



其實也是這麼的剛好,因為 Chrome 在版本號 >= 18 後會逐漸遺棄 Manifest V1 的部份實作,提供了更多方便好用的 API 在 Manifest V2(例如說 Content-Script 在 Manifest V1 時,存取 LocalStorage 的限制需要透過 background page 的幫助),其實我覺得是種陰謀啦,畢竟 Extensions 就和 Apps 多如牛毛,所以透過這種手段還可以順便幹掉那些沒在更新的 Extensions … XD

以下是從  Google 那邊擷取的時程說明:

  1. 2013 Q1

    • The Web Store will remove manifest version 1 items from the wall, search results, and category pages.
    • Notice emails will be sent to all developers with manifest version 1 items still in the store reminding them that these items will be unpublished and providing update instructions.
  2. 2013 Q2

    • The Web Store will unpublish all manifest version 1 items.
    • Final notice emails will be sent to developers with manifest version 1 items still in the Web Store.
    • Chrome will continue to load and run installed manifest version 1 items.
  3. 2013 Q3

    • Chrome will stop loading or running manifest version 1 items.


除此之外,還差一些讓我捲起袖子實作的動機 … 想著想著,我就想到我在使用 Facebook 長久以來的困擾,那就是這個:

沒錯,就是那個該死的「Seen」,這個 Feature 真的是我最痛恨的一點,有的時候就是想假裝沒有看到某個人的留言,但是 Facebook 卻會在特定的情況下 Trigger 「讓別人知道你已經看過留言的事件」,這種行為我真的沒辦法接受 … 隱私這種東西在這個設計之下幾乎是蕩然無存呀!

所以我就參考了一些文章還有 Chrome Extension Request 的機制,為 FBBK 加上全新的 Unseen Feature,可以參考選項設定的擷圖:


經過幾位好友的友情測試之後,Unseen 運作的非常良好,終於可以(和別人站在不同的起跑點了) 在聊天的時候暫時找回那一點點曾經屬於自己的隱私了 xD。

以上就是這一次 FBBK 的更新,歡迎大家提供 feedback !


立馬安裝 Facebook Blocker – FBBK Chrome Extension

Updated on 2012/08/11,目前審核通過!

P.S. 其實這一篇是 2012/08/07 的時候就寫好了… 但是因為 Chrome Extension 在做版本更新的時候出了一點問題,所以這個版本的更新要等待工人智慧審核通過之後才會發佈,囧。

原本是想要等更新通過再發這一篇文章的啦,但是因為不知道要等多久(可靠消息指出會到兩三天),所以就先放出這個消息來啦!過幾天會把 FBBK 的更新消息統一到一個 Page ,這樣相關的資訊就可以在那邊一目了然啦!

Thanks All ~ FBBK Still Rocks on !