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[Memo] Life should be simple with Simple Theory

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In these few days, I always want to do something but can’t do anything. At first, this kind of situation confuses me a lot indeed, because I can’t realize that this kind of situation will happen at me one day. Then, I got tired of everything … That’s right “EVERYTHING”.

I don’t know how to do ( save me from this kind of shit ) or to say specifically – what to do. I struggle to do anything but failed .. Until few days ago, I came back to my university and kept hanging out with friends. We went out to find some encouraging books like “Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose” written by 謝家華 – CEO of Zappos … etc.

After reading, enjoying delicious food and hanging out with friends, I got a simple conclusion called Simple Theory. In nowadays, people live too hard to experience amazing things around in our daily life. We only take care of high-tech, functional smart phones, and blah blah. Because you are involved inside, you can’t even look clear what you are doing right away !

Take my old brother for example, few weeks ago, he just bought an HTC from his friend with nice discount, and he also paid for unlimited internet access monthly with extra 900 NTD. After observing him for few weeks, I notice that he has spent more than 4 – 6 hours on his mobile, even when he is lying on the bed but got to work early in the next morning !!

I keep thinking, why our life is becoming so complex? why there are so many people died just because they only work, work and work !? why there are so many problems raised just because we keep using So-called “social” Network Service ( That’s my definition about SNS ) !?

Life should be simple, isn’t it ? smart phone is for convenience instead of playing nonsense apps isn’t it ? SNS is for people who want to communicate with friends far away from you instead of posting nonsense and playing unproductive “FarmVille” isn’t it !? They were really nice and useful originally but got misused nowadays and made them and our lives so complex.

To be honest, I have no rights to say that I am the only person not involved in the above situations, because I am still using my laptop to post this article and share you some informations from SNS. Even though, I have reduced my time spending on SNS and stayed away from IM for few days, and I think I can keep the rules and make my life better.

Remember, life is really short and simple, do something meaningful and focus on the other things that you have never experienced and enjoy.

Simple Happiness, Simple Enjoyment and Simple Life, that’s my own Simple Theory.

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February 26th, 2011 at 12:09 am

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[Others] One night in Taipei

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好快,一下子整個寒假就這樣過去了,大學也終於來到最後一學期了,這是近期最後一個 One night in Taipei 了。在公司的半年,說長不長說短不短,一下子半年也就這樣過去了。

還記得在 2010 / 07 月的時候,我懷著滿腔的熱血想去找個科技公司實習,剛好當時 E2e 的公司有一個人的職缺,而 Ijs 也很熱心的把我介紹給他,就因為這麼天時(剛好有職缺)地利(家住台北縣)人和(他們兩個剛好認識),所以給了我這個機會,讓我擔任這個職位。

其實講白點,在剛開始的一兩個禮拜,我是完全陌生的,因為當時我根本就不熟 Javascript / jQuery,只是一個東碰西碰技術的 kid 而已,所以每天都一直瘋狂 Google 找資料、看文件,然後又因為要維護前輩留下來的程式,所以整個就是緊張到不行,很怕自己無法勝任這份工作,然後玩壞了 Ijs 的信用。

不過半年過了,從剛開始的一問三不知到現在能夠很有耐心地 survey 資料,不只是技術或是程式方面,甚至在整個心境上也有很大的提昇,同事之間也傳授了一些設計程式架構的概念,也從中學習到 co-work 的重要性。這些都是在學校課本上不會出現的東西,都是需要實際深入體會才會得到的碩果,而我也很慶幸自己能比同儕多了這份實習的經驗,因為沒有這些經驗,課本對我來說就都只是一堆散落的知識和一堆毫無意義的文字罷了。


最後,我要感謝所有在這趟旅程當中遇到的人,謝謝你們:Ijs , E2e , Jay , Roger , Brian , Ryan , Nio , D3x , D2g , Alex , Yoyo , Reed , 孫哥 , 白先生 , H3n , Wilson , 可喜 。

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February 19th, 2011 at 9:09 pm

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[JS] plurkable – lightweight jQuery plugin for your own Plurk widget



好吧,我真的是過年太無聊才在那邊用 Javascript 寫一個輕量級的 plugin 讓你可以客制化自己的 widget,其實使用方式在 github 及 demo page 上面都寫的很詳細了,這邊就不多談(或是參考下面的 js code)。

現在開始愈來愈覺得 javascript 非常的 powerful,只要有 browser 就可以跟著老師帶你上天堂,也不用做什麼煩雜的設定,再加上自身對 JSON 格式的 support 及 browser 間內建的 functions 就可以很輕易的完成自己的需求,然後現在這幾年又出現了改變世界的 jQuery,更是把入門的門檻拉低了許多(至少解決了很多問題,雖然也產生了一些問題 xD),不過愈是如此,Javascript 就愈讓人覺得深不可測 …

而且現在又有許多好用的工具像是 PhoneGap 可以幫助我們來實作 mobile applications,而之後也會有許多的 desktop applications 可以用 Javascript 來實作,整個就是拉近了平台間的距離了呀。

ㄜ … 這篇應該是要介紹 plurkable ,但是我好像一直離題呀 … 管他的 xD ~ 祝大家新年快樂啦(????)

Written by EragonJ

February 8th, 2011 at 1:09 am

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